Your Guide to 

B2B ABM Strategies:

3 Steps toCreating aWinning Strategy

While B2B advertisers have plenty of tools at their disposal, none are quite as effective as an account-based marketing strategy. That said, knowing where to start can be difficult. Download our free ebook to help you kickstart your account-based marketing strategy and drive more sales success.

B2B ABM Best Practices

3 steps to success


Step 1:

Develop a Clear Audience Strategy


Step 2:

Leverage the Right Media Channels


Step 3:

Optimize the User Experience

Stage 1

Develop a Clear Audience Strategy

The Enormous Elephant approach to account-based marketing starts with developing a clear audience strategy. You cannot effectively target high-value accounts unless you first develop an extensive understanding of your ideal audience. In order to accomplish this goal, we recommend that you:

Outline Audience Personas

Creating custom audience personas is a simple but effective way of defining exactly who you are trying to reach with your marketing efforts.

Remember, the driving force behind an effective account-based marketing program is the ability to provide your target accounts with customized advertising material. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, you will need to develop several distinct personas.

As you’re creating your personas, make sure to address decision-makers at various levels of the target organization’s hierarchy.

For instance, you will need to use different tactics to appeal to a facilities director as opposed to a VP of operations. Each of these professionals will be responsible for making unique purchasing decisions for their organization. This means that each will be weighing different factors when they think about placing orders with your company.

Account-based marketing is no longer just a digital marketing tactic, digital advertising tactic. It is an all encompassing marketing strategy. … It’s about driving authentic engagement. It’s about nurturing trust. It is about realizing value, building relationships.

Sixty-80% of the buyer's journey is hidden or pre-funnel. But, intent data and ABM can help you proactively target those buyers when they are showing a propensity to purchase.

– Andre Yee, CEO, Triblio

– Liz Demers, Partner Manager, LinkedIn

Stage 2

Leverage the Right Media Channels

Use the Right Media Channels

Listen to the Data

Implement Quality Advertising Content

During Stage 1 of account-based marketing strategy creation, the majority of your focus should be on the clients themselves. 

That is because the overall effectiveness of your ABM campaign hinges on your ability to target the right B2B accounts. However, who you are targeting is only half the battle. You will also need to leverage the right media channels to communicate with these prospective clients. When you’re determining which media channels to focus on, we suggest that you:

Use existing data about your target audience to determine where they are most active and what they engage with to meet them where they are.

After you have zeroed in on a few valuable marketing mediums, it is time to craft quality advertising content. This should include a good mix of written content, photographs, and videos for your various funnel stages and audiences.

Choose Your Mediums

When you’re engaging in account-based marketing, keep in mind that a multi-faceted approach is vital. You will not be able to rely

on a single communication medium in order to acquire high-value accounts.


Why 2022 is the year of ABM





of B2B marketers used ABM in 2021, up from 15% in 2020

of B2B marketers reported that their ABM programs deliver more ROI than other investments

of companies using ABM increase their average deal size

of companies using ABM increased their deal size +50%

Stage 3

Optimize the User Experience

So you’ve identified who you are going to target with your account-based marketing campaign and have some great content lined up. You have even determined which channels are best for connecting with B2B accounts in your industry.


This brings us to Stage 3 of implementing a winning ABM campaign: optimizing the user experience.

Far too often, B2B organizations neglect the buying experience. They focus on producing top-quality goods or services and drawing clients in with lead-generation tactics, only to deliver a subpar user experience at the bottom of the funnel.

Map Out the Journey


Boost marketing and sales performance

If you’re looking to improve B2B marketing efficiency, this guide will help you develop the main components of a successful ABM strategy:

  • Audience strategy
  • Media optimization framework
  • User experience

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